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WHAT DID YOU READ about this morning or hear on the radio on your way into work? These days 9 times out of 10 the answer is just NOT GOOD NEWS. No matter what are personal opinions are about today’s world, politics, and the seemingly continued chaos, the news affects your emotions if you are truly honest with yourself. And more so if you are a parent of a middle schooler or high schooler. Our kids take it all in as much as we do but don’t have the years of experiential living to deal with it.

Studies show that their young minds are getting more and more anxiety ridden and most don’t realize this constant barrage of bad news brings on overwhelming symptoms. We parents are in position to defuse or lighten the emotions of our kids. If you could list the top 4 reasons why our teens and middle schoolers are depressed/anxiety ridden what would that list look like? Anything like this one I researched?

Control of the world around them or no control of their own lives adds to depression and anxiety. Lack of control or too much control affects them. Compared to decades past, today’s social issues, diseases, excess of materialism brings on confusion and the feeling that these impressionable youths have no control over their own lives.

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Middle School- Let’s get our 5th graders ready now!

What in the world was middle school? For many of us it was like walking amongst aliens hoping at any one minute the earthlings would come back to the crazy school, pick us up and take us as quickly as possible home! Perhaps your middle school years were full of good times with discovery, positive opportunities and no glimpses of bullies. Hopefully your soon-to-be middle schooler will have an experience somewhere in the middle these two extremes!

What can we do now to help our tweens prepare for middle school this fall? Make sure your child understand that middle school is quite different than elementary. The unknown is what scares us- discussions can help dissolve the anxieties a bit. Lockers, showers in PE, multiple teachers, all sorts of new cultures amongst the student body, are just a few new experiences they will come to understand.

Tour your child’s school. Many districts offer such tours. A bit like back to school night for parents in elementary, but it is designed to show tweens the physical lay of the school. New concerns arise for tweens as they go through the doors of their new middle school! Gym classes with open showers can scare even the most confident person, much less a 6th grader! Lockers are exciting but learning their codes or the combinations and where that locker is located on the campus can be an anxiety. The tour will set minds to ease and make for a more self-assured and motivated child 🙂 Continue reading