There’s a new routine every Christmas we ‘need’ to tend. It happens when we bring the wonderful Christmas tree home. We tend to the watering of our beautiful noble fir! In fact, this year the guy at the Christmas tree lot was very preoccupied with the watering of ‘his trees’ as he very proudly said to me. “Watering is everything to the tree! And then it is my responsibility to make certain several times a day, that I water all the trees I am responsible for.”

And it is our responsibility now too each day; even a couple times a day during it’s first few days with us. The beautiful fir tree becomes a Christmas tree as we trim it and began to decorate it with lights and our traditional family heirlooms! It brings everyone who sees it such awe and joy and a smile to their faces!

This past fall we have had a couple very tough challenges we are going through and the Christmas tree has brought me a special comfort this year. I think that is just like my Lord. Jesus brings comfort and joy in the midst of storms we all go through. The storm brews yet the assurance of His presence comforts and gives me a smile inside.  I know from His promises “that my heart would have fainted if I had not believed I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. But He asks that I wait and wait with courage. (Psalm 27:13-14) And so, each morning when I water the tree I thank the Lord Jesus because He “waters’ me with good things, things of faith and hope and assurance of His eternal presence.

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