Week 29
Northern California Living Giants

There is a living giant that has been standing for at least 1,200 years1.
Along with its fellow giants, this mighty creation of God is an
awesome sight when you stand beside it and look way up. What or
who is this giant?

Coastal Redwood trees cluster in colossal groves off the foggy coasts
of northern California, USA. In the Redwood National Parks on the
California coast lives the tallest measured tree to date (2011).
Hyperion was titled the tallest tree alive in August of 2006. This living
giant stands 371.9 feet (113 meters). The Statue of Liberty is 305
(92.96 meters) feet from the base to the top of Lady Liberty’s torch.
The Sequoia sempervirens species live between 1,200–1,800 years or
more2. What year did Columbus discover the Americas? This tree was
already growing for many years when Columbus came to America.

How can these trees grow so tall and live for centuries? God has made
these living giants with unique tools or survival parts. One of the
giant Redwoods’ secrets of their success” is its root systems.
The roots are sent out and not down into the ground. The roots will
shoot out away from the tree, and be as long as three times the height
of the tree. A 300‐foot‐tall (91.44 meters) redwood’s roots will go out
underground some 900 feet (274.32 meters). If you could see
underground, you would see roots and more roots all mixed up so
that all the underground is almost all wooden3.

Coastal Redwoods find their true strength, endurance, and health, not in themselves, but because each tree lives with hundreds of others called clusters.

How about You?

Coastal Redwoods need many things to be the survivors that they
are. God has made them to live in clusters of gigantic support.
Standing alone is not good for a California coastal Redwood.
Your family is your support. Sometimes you might believe that you
can take care of all the things in your life without anyone’s help. Like
the giant trees, God did not create you to live without others. God
made you to be stronger when you are with others that love God. The
kids in your church or Sunday school are also a God‐given strength,
like family. You might not know it now, but you too are strength for
someone that you may not even know. When times get rough, the
church is like the Redwood roots woven tightly together as your
buddies encourage you and you encourage them to stand strong on
Jesus’s promises. Find today’s scripture verse in your Bible and
underline it.

“Two people are better than one… If one falls down, the other can help
him up. But it is bad for the person who is alone and falls, because no
one is there to help.” Ecclesiastes 4: 9a‐10 NCV

Day 2: Check It Out
Hyperion holds the record of the tallest recorded living tree to date
(2011). With your parents’ permission, visit the library or go online
to find out what kind of weather helps these giants stay alive and
grow so tall. What do Helios, Icarus, and Stratosphere Giants have in
common? What did you find out? Journal in box below.


Day 3: Check Within
Back in the early 1900s, these trees were named sempervirens which
means in Latin, “everlasting” or “evergreen.” Everything alive will die
one day, even the mighty Coastal Redwood trees. Read Isaiah 40:28–
31. Who has been and will be forever? Who or what does scripture
say you need to renew your strength? Journal in box below.


Day 4: Check Around
When a Redwood falls, its bark is slowly transformed into habitats
for critters of all sizes. Read Romans 8:28. Just like all parts of the
tree are used by little animals after it has fallen, so too, are all your
good times and tough times made to work for your good and for
God’s glory. Which friend or family member might need to hear this
truth today? Journal in box below.



Day 5: Check with the Lord
Pray this prayer:
Dear Lord, thank You for all parts of my life. The happy and good
things seem so easy to thank You for. I want to learn to thank You
always and for how You will change and grow me through tough
problems or disappointments. Like those roots that go out and mix
with each other for strength, please help me to place my faith and
trust only in You! The Bible lets me know that You work always for
my good and your glory. Lord, when bad things happen next time, I
will remember that You are working for me no matter what. You are
making me just like You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Write your own short prayer thanking God that He died
for you and all your sin, and then ask Him to help with
whatever it is you need of Him.