What is a black hole? How does a black hole begin? Check out the following article to discover more ! (Click a couple times to make the article larger to read)

Most black holes are formed from the inward explosion of a star or super nova. One stars ending is a black hole’s beginning. It takes millions of years for a star to die or lose its energy…..

What does TIME have to do with black holes? Like a passageway from the present, and traveling on and on, time is a continuous movement through our existence and events. Science knows that time can slow down. At just the right point where you might be watching from outside the black hole, time seems to STOP! read on in this page above.

Scientists have discovered the death of some stars turns them into strange, powerful, sucking forces (gravity) in space. (gravity is discussed in next page) Even though black holes are invisible to our eye,, scientists discovered through their telescopes the effects of the black holes have on the environment around them. How?…read on in the article!

So what is exactly the universe?The universe contains billions of galaxies, each contains millions or billions more of stars……Dr. Marc Rayman has quite an influence at NASA…read on!