Without thinking we make many a day, an hour, and minute by the minute. I was thinking this morning when I made the decision to get up and plant my feet on the floor, how many decisions I would make today that might be observed.

Our kids, our grand’s, our nieces and nephews, our students, neighbor kids, and perfect little strangers in the grocery isle will be watching us grown-ups as we speak and act! Wow- that is something to think about or at least it is for me.  I’m not talking about huge decisions (in this particular blog) that are planned like where to put our money; 401K or savings elsewhere.  It’s those everyday little ones that make a long range difference in the lives of those little eyes and ears watching me. The question I ask myself is how can I be a good model today?

Honestly I make it my priority daily (though I fail time and time again) to ask the Lord to help me make those wise and productive decisions in my own daily life at home first. My priority’s, the types of books, entertainment, hobbies, and even the way I move and act and be in my relationships  need to be overshadowed with the Lord’s direction and perspective each of my days or I am a mess!  I made it simple a few years back; when I choose to follow what God likes then I can’t go wrong in the eyes of my grand kids or any little eyes around my neighborhood that might meet up with me. My accountability partner I like to think is ………God.

As my grandson is now 15 1/2, (6 yrs older than my granddaughter), he is allowed to make more and more decisions on his own.  Sometimes he struggles and it is then I want dive in and help or handle those for him! But it is then that of course I know that it is not my place as his grandma or as an adult. These are the times the LORD is drawing my grandson (and me to stay put!) into a more mature boy and one more mature in his relationship with God as well. Making his faith his own- letting him experience God in is ups and his downs- that God will never ever leave him. Help me Lord to keep reminding myself of that!  But as His grandma I can and  am very thankful to direct him to God, to his Bible, and to remember the few promises his young life has discovered from the Lord underlined in  it.  I love it because if I stay out of it, I hear more than often he made a decision though it was tough, he knew it was right one! 

Then a biggie for me …. there are those times I want to remove the consequences that always come when the wrong choice is made….those are the times I am on my knees begging the Lord to keep me silent as my grandson and every one of us needs to experience appropriately, those life growing consequences. Why? Cause Jesus is right there in it all.

Bottom line for me…Lord help me to choose you instead of self each day- and I beg you to help me trust that YOU know what is the best decision and that my grand’s will see me make that one.