August brings the end of summer vacation. And with the end of summer brings mixed emotions that begin to plague kids. Some kids can hardly wait to pick out their back-pack and a few new clothes and wait for that school bell to chime (or buzz in some cases!). However, there other kids that begin to bite their nails, get stomach aches, act up, and just plain become anxious about the thought of school. 

A bullying  experience might be part of the problem-  even one instance can change a child from a extrovert to introvert. And from a confident child to an anxious/insecure child.

Many parents might see their anxious / nervous child as a bewildering challenge. They have no idea in many cases that a a bullying experience even occurred. But no matter the reason for this change in behaviors; from being confident to being worried and upset,  moms and dads have a great opportunity to comfort and reassure their child.

What has happened to my child?  Each parent can sense these changes.

A past bullying experience, a failed grade, a new school, beginning school as a kindergartener, a loss of a family member during summer? Any number of reasons can cause fear and insecurity about school.

Perhaps sitting with your child (away from other members of the family) and asking them how they feel about the new school year will bring a world of light to your understanding. Are they uncomfortable going back to school? How or Why? 

Another way to begin to understand one another is to watch a television program together where a child is bullied by another. This is a great way you can bring up a conversation with your child. Your school age child needs you as their parent to be understanding and reassuring to their questions and anxieties.  Below are some links :

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Christian parent’s can take these ideas and bring them in prayer to Jesus. It is only through His compassion and comfort that any of us can pray His peace of mind into our children’s frustrations, confusion and anxieties. This trusting God will bring a world of relief day in and day out because we know He will equip us to help our children.  This is also how our homes become more and more their place of refuge and safety!

Please leave your comments- we all can help one another!