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Bat’s don’t always have the best of friends in the way of kind things or cute things to say about them. Actually, these little night critters are gentler than a house cat. They seem scary much because of myths, not-so-nice titles given them! But… on! It is time for a new AND FRESH LOOK AT THESE BENEFICAL  animals!Cadet Quest Basts second page

Animals with nighttime living habits can be a bit mysterious to people! But a bit of understanding of what we don’t know can break the mysteriousness.

Cadet Quest Bats third page

What gives bats the edge on other night flying critters? Bat’s are a farmers best friend and anyone else trying to keep mosquitoes and other buggy bugs away!

Cadet Quest Bats fourth page

One super organization, Bat Conservation International has given the world a new insight into bats and all they accomplish for people, as well as the environment!