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Loggerheads- Florida’s Most Common Sea Turtle

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Sea turtles have a few powerful senses to guide them back 1,000’s of miles to the beach they hatched from.  Together both senses work like a GPS. 

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As soon as they hatch they migrate from their nests under the sand, down into the rolling waves, and keep going until they find the beach from where they hatched!

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This little one is one of 100-126 eggs. But only a few make it adulthood. It’s hard to see the waves because many hotel’s along the beachfront have bright lights. The turtles can get confused and not make it to the water.

Loggerheads: Florida's Most Common Sea Turtle

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle dives the deepest, travels the farthest, and is the largest sea turtle.  Visit: to find out about the earths magnetic fields!