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Each body part of the owl is uniquely designed, powerfully equipping these silent raptors for it’s nightly works!

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Feather’s are to the bird as our skin is to us as well as our equilibrium. Especially the owls feathers as it needs the element of surprise and camouflage to capture it’s prey on the wing each night!

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An owl’s beak and talons are tool’s extraordinaire- used for ?? Can you guess? If not – check out the above article. All birds of prey have eyes in the front of their faces as humans do.  Their 3 dimensional eyes judge distance and clarity of what it sees.

Cadet Quest Night Hunter fourth pageIt’s highly sensitized ears lie behind the disc of feathers on the face. On one side of it’s head,  the ear is above the eye line and on the opposite side, the ear is below the eye line! Read the above explanation.

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What in the world is an eagle doing with a snake in it’s nest- and on purpose placing it there?! Check out what Frederick R. Gehlbach recorded years ago.

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What can we all do to help the owl’s environment against deforestation and pollution?

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An easy and cool project! Research online with parents permission to see what owl species are in your neck of the woods!