Christian School/Sunday School Book Presentation

My school, Event, and Sunday school presentations are a huge vehicle to bring this unique interactive devotional into Christian school Bible or Science curriculum’s as well as Sunday School classrooms!

Though this book was originally meant for individual devotions, people have told me time and time again, it has  rich benefits when paired with school and Sunday school lessons.

My fun interactive presentations are supplemented with the simple large posters depicting animals or nature of which ever devotion I am sharing. I also love to include a terrific motivational contest; guessing some fact in that particular devotion which results in an autographed book give-a-way. I can also do a book signing as part of the event!

Where Eagle Soar (page 45 in the book)

Intro myself. Let the tweens know I am just helping out today with some really fun nature stories. God uses event His creation to speak to us! It is really exciting to develop ears and eyes to see God’s hidden messages in nature!

I and II Discussion: Birds of prey- what comes to mind? How are they different or unique from other birds?

Tools/body parts: wings with strength
Front set eyes like ours
Ears highly tuned

The eagle is very special.

Let’s take a look at these pictures-

Discussion Q&A

The eagle can and does rise above the storm. I would like to read to you from my book, “Fangs, Feathers, & Faith! A Devotional for Nature Lover’s 8+”

I will read the devotional for Where Eagles Soar (page 45 in my book)

Pick up the Isaiah scripture 40:31

We will all read it.

Then I work with the How About You section back into the discussion.

This is always the pivotal place. Draw out very real emotions that tweens feel. Feelings that they have. In this case: fear/scared/….with opposite being confident in Jesus’ promises.
Here is where they begin, on the first day of the devotional to see that the Lord is wanting them to connect have relationship with Him.

III Check Within

Discuss and have someone read from their Bible Matthew 14:25-31. What did Peter do that got him into the sea? DOUBT

Discussion: It is really tough to keep our eyes and minds on Jesus’ promises when we are in a crisis/problem. The other day I had a super answer to prayer. I had prayed so long and then rejoiced….my husband and I did…but then a few days later, I came into another big problem…I immediately started getting scared/nervous/anxious…I had forgotten….forgotten those promises that Jesus had given me.

Have someone read again: “For I am the Lord God, who takes ahold of your right hand and I say, Do not be afraid, I am with you.” Isaiah 41:13
How about you? Does anyone remember recently the same kind of doubts? Can you share with us?


Read to them from it.


Again, I toss out questions from the lesson in the book ….“How can we trust? The Holy Spirit will show you; A way of escape…be looking for it.
Friends and Family are your help, every day. You are their help as well.
There is nothing too big for God……”

V. Prayer.

Ask Jesus in prayer. Every day. Take time to sit quietly with God.Talk to God as a friend! God sent Jesus so we could talk to Him!
Ask Him into your day. Tell Him all about the things that bother you. Write it down. That way you will be able to read later, months later, how God did work it out for you!

I will close in prayer.

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