THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EXPECTATIONS AND EXPECTANCY is that expectations say “this is what I deserve,” and then, when our expectations aren’t met, the result is disappointment and disillusionment. We cannot have expectations of how God will answer our prayers. On the other hand, expectancy is being hopeful but open. (Check out Sam Francart’s blog –

What makes or breaks your day– even today? We wake up and before we even open our eyes, we are thinking……what? Our thinking can wake us up with worries and dreads and thoughts that are not conducive to a productive morning or day. Anxiousness or disillusionment are already wrapping themselves around our minds as we roll out of our rumpled sheets.

I THINK disillusionment is all about what WE need to get done that day and it is all we think in the NEED category. If we don’t get one thing after another on our LIST accomplished, then we have a broken day. Unmet EXPECTATIONS! We are disappointed, disillusioned. . Bottom line, OUR focus is on our goal and not the journey as part of the thing to get done. Our true mind-health is our attitude on the journey!

I learned a few winters ago that I too fell into “I need to get that done and I expect it to happen”…and when it didn’t, I would get upset, my day went downhill. But then, I really paid attention to some reading I was into and BINGO….I saw my whole upside-down thinking was messing with my mind.

Expectancy says something quite opposite of expecting stuff to be done. It’s refreshing and like adventurous. It takes the pressure off me! It’s taking the focus off my control and me, myself, and I. When I truly practiced the expectancy my day became and is to this day a day of “I wonder” or “why am I really here doing such and such not getting what I want…it isn’t always about my thing…but about the thing that God wants me to be doing. It’s HIS thing. And His thing is all His work and His methods and His purpose! He’s got it!

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I want to keep living in EXPECTANCY! Why didn’t I do that all along?