I so enjoyed watching the Wide World of Sports when I was just a  girl with my Dad! 😊We would sit on the couch side by side, my Dad would be overcome with either complete shouting joy or shout at the TV and nearly falling off the couch in anger! Never the less it was where I gained my love for football. 🙂  Then the Wide World of Sports continued with my husband 😊 until it was off the air in 1998. ☹ My husband and I laugh from time to time when one of us, while watching like these Olympics look at the other and say… “AWWW, the thrill of victory and…..the agony of defeat!” A bit of trivia…who was the announcer?

We look forward to both summer and winter events of the Olympics…. some not so much and others with great enthusiasm. With that  word said, “enthusiasm”, is to me, one of the classic emotions of the games.

In fact, what all of the games carry simultaneously are EXTREME emotions. No moderate emotion in between! Have you ever thought about it? I mean from the thrill of victory is what these mostly young adults are seeking and to stay on a that high! Their goal? Duh! THE GOLD. Aw, yes, the silver or the bronze are nice but the GOLD is the Thrill of Victory. I always have thought that tiny little phrase should be engraved on the back of each GOLD metal. Ha! JK, but no doubt about it we have all seen the Gold medal winner in their inexplicable thrill.

But then there is the other EXTREME emotion…the horrible and don’t even mention-type emotion of the agony of defeat that haunts that skier or skater, bob sled racer or snow boarder!!! The stomach churns and the face becomes pale, the heart pounds too many beats for comfort and then its time! Their time has come to attain the GOLD …what they have done for the past 4 years suddenly turns into the AGONY of defeat.

How do they/we deal with EXTREMES? Extreme emotions? Well, one way is to see how we handle the weather extremes. When its’ 110 in the shade – duh either make lemonade or go inside where the air as cool as you like it. Or when the temps are a frigid 7 below, sort of like Pyeongchang has been, either go inside where the fireplace is cozy warm or pile on the outerwear.

I tend to not do well with extremes I learned that as a girl…. really not a good place for me because I got either too high in my own eyes with the thrill of victory or became so mad with the agony of defeat, that no one would be around me!

But now or back when I was 25 my view of life changed. My whole mind was transformed I discovered that the ONE who created me and knows everything about my mega bad anger and tendency to pound my own drums upon victory, became my Savior and my Lord and Shepherd. He is like my GOLD. He is my new standard. But He is always attainable (unlike the gold here on earth) at any moment! Psalm139 reminds me that I am a human who was created by my Creator and He is God who has always been and will always be. The Lord Jesus is my focus in all my pursuits and daily plans. Wow. Takes all the pressure off. When I get in a snitty mood or blow my top it’s cause my focus got off my Lord and onto the thing or plans. He is for me in all day long. How could He not be my GOLD?
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Who was the announcer? Jim McKay