First book signing Event in Stone Oak, San Antonio
Yo-Fresh Yogurt hosted us! Thank you so much Yo-Fresh-
Had a great bunch of folks! The heat is always an issue but
it was over-looked that day!


2nd Book Signng Event! The Fellowship of San Antonio Church July 1st -this loving body of Christ received us with open arms. They had invited me to have a book signing after their 10:45 Sunday service! They had a lovely desk set up in the foyer and Pastor Ron would come and check on us throughout the late morning. He is indeed a shepherd of his sheep! He gave an inspiring 4th of July message! Freedom and liberty is a treasure in our United States of America! Our freedom in Christ is a treasure beyond all freedoms. Christ came to set us free and we need to keep our message to the world a message of gracethrough faith….just that! Love those folks!!


3rd Booksigning Event!  Kids N Treasures on Blanco Road July 7th!  What a joy it was to be a part of this loving family that owns this consignment (brand new) shop for new and gentley used children’s things.  We had a special time with a few customers….shared Give Me Five with one little girl who loved animals so much….Miya has had 34 pets in all her 8 years!!


4th- My Pre Release Party, July 14-Thank you to Clear Springs Restaurant!  They helped me say this was a truely day of thanksgiving for me. I had been waiting so long to have this day come- and it did! God brought out so many to support this book.  I was so thankful that I could thank each and everyone who prayed for many months ….many of the months seemed to be so hard with health issues….but God showed me/us that He was greater than all my frustrations and worries. When I finally let God take it all one day into the third year of it’s work….it was then that I found JOY and EXCITEMENT to replace those worries!! Jesus told me what to write each day- I sat and wrote and His inspiration filled the pages.

My friends are what this book is about. Faithfulness.  Give Me Five for Fangs, Feathers and Faith! is a product of God’s answered prayers of my friends and family. My friend Candy is there on my left  in the first photo (sitting beside me)…she was the inspiration behind the foundation of the layout. Her insight into the guts of the book and then continued cheerleading during my tough med issues ….well, I am overwhelmed.  Today more and more and more tween’s are reading this devotional! They have their Bibles and this guide to help them to see that God is bigger than their concerns/fears/hurts/and even unbelief….. Tween’s are my passion….they are as one little girl told me today:  We are stuck in the middle.. not a little kid anymore!

 Rosemary-myself-Patti and Warren Conner


 Myself, Candy Staggs (helping me), Kathryn Gill and a tween in the forground!

5th-Booksigning Event! The Schakolad Chocholate Factory! July 20 was a wonderful day of meeting new friends and greeting many of my friends that came to support the event. Especially special neat was my friend Candy Staggs (who had helped with this book from it’s foundation )..she presented me with a little pin she had made with animals all over it….just for my signings! Then I met with my former Bible Study leader, Rosemary ! Thank you all for dropping by that hot hot day. And a gracious hosts , Scott and Lisa Smith, owners of the great Schakolad Factory!


Lisa and Scott Smith owners of the Vineyard Schakolad Chocolate Factory!

6th– I give my abundant thanks to my host:  The Mailing Spot-19179 Blanco Rd  Ste.105, San Antonio, Texas 78258. The Victory Martial Arts, Yogurt Zone and Pet Grooming also participated!  What a joy it was for us- met several new friends- a lovely family of Home Schooling children. Yeah to Carla and Ben!!! You guys are awesome …truely!!!

Fun! Chatting with a homeschooling family! we had a super time meeting new friends!

7th– Booksigning- Heavenly Yogurt Shop in Spring Branch, Highway 46 (next to new HEB). Our host, FeFe Sellers gave us a wonderful reception. She had invited many of her friends and family for the event. We met new friends and our friends Terry and Larry Shumway dropped by- the live down 46 in Comal Trace. I so enjoyed FeFe and her daughter, and chatting with her in-laws..look forward to coming again for another great event sometime next year! Thank you FeFe!!

Chatting with a woman who also loved to write and her daughter. A very hot evening..we moved inside just after this photo.


We became fast friends- two Memas! She is called Mema by her grandaughter as well as I am also called Mema! FeFe’s mother-in-law.


8th– The Cody Library on Vance Jackson! The Orange Leaf Yogurt had partnered with me with coupons printed on the fliers. The event was my first book presentation as well as a book signing.  It had a sweet turn out- a few folks but interested moms and kids. We learned about the bird of prey- the Sea Eagle and it’s ability to rise above the storms. How they mount up on high cliffs on the coast of Norway and wait for the storm and then use it’s mighty wings to lift itself up where the winds and rain are not! Thank you to my hosts, Hailey and Stella! Our room was set up very nicely! We hope to re-visit one day again!

9th and 10th- A huge thank you to Yogurt Zone on Bandera Road/1604. Friday and Saturday (Aug 17/18) we were guests to a wonderful yogurt shoppe. Mr Franco Chang, CEO, gave us a great spot inside their shoppe! Each of the two days we were blessed by their staff. Carolos was of very much help as well as the others…. I met so many children and parents! I was so grateful for the moments I could chat with each child and sign their books. Homeschoolers were there and several from Christian schools. I was more than blessed by each child! God in all His mighty unconditional love- continues to bless me and this book; Give Me Five for Fangs, Feathers, and Faith! A Devotional for Tweenagers”. Thank you again Franco!


11th:  Hastings Books and Music – Seguin , Texas

A great Saturday event with Hastings Books and Music! We were blessed to visit with several Seguin residents. Lisa Baty partnered with me. She is also a children’s author! Her new book, “Does Jesus Wear Jammies” was inspired by one of her former students. I wanted to thank Michael, Hastings manager, as he hosted our event. Michael you made us feel welcome an totally all our needs taken care of!! I am pictured with 12 year old Tristan and her mom, Christine! We had some great fellowship. They are getting ready for their churches Oct 31 Fun and games evening; trunk or treat fun!


12th Event:  St Paul’s Catholic School- San Antonio       Elephant Infrasound presentation to the St Paul’s Library Club

Another great event with the kids from St Paul’s! They were all wonderfully excited to hear about elephants- the special communications of Infrasound! How does infrasound help us to better understand God’s desire to commune with His children? Thank you immensely to my new friend Ellen Ott who is the Director of their library club! She made me warmly welcomed, Ms. Colleen, their wonderful principal greeted me with big smiles! Loved the St Palul’s enthusiasum which extends to each and every child! Go St Paul’s! Keep your creative hearts and minds bent toward God’s purpose and plans for your lives!!

13th- Event Summit Christian Academy – Boerne, Tx                              Chapel Presentation to all Summit’s kids!

What gives the eagle an edge up when it comes to staying above the tough weather and storms? The Summit Christian Academy kids heard all about Where Eagles Soar! Thank you immensely Amy, Natalie, Susan for such an opportunity to share “Give Me Five For Fangs, Feathers, and Faith! A Devotional for Tweenagers”! The Lord our Creator gave eagles wings and strength and senses to know that it can wing it’s way above the storm- keeping it out of the storms or becoming a part of the storms. Christ has given each believer the Holy Spirit, equipping Christians to walk through those storms of life because He is in them with us-He will show us the way moment by moment if we keep our focus off the storm and on Him. Each child present was a blessing to see as they eagerly raised their hands to answer questions and listened with their’eyes’ and ears as they heard the devotional and it’s message. Thank you for your joy and exceeding enthusiasm Summit kids!


Hastings Bookstore

1380 E. Court St. Seguin, Texas

Date: Oct. 20th

Time: 1-4

Map and directions :


Orange Leaf Yogurt (book signing)

20079 Stone Oak Parkway

San Antonio Tx 78258

Oct. 27 Saturday

6-8 pm


Summit Christian Academy   (School Presentation)

First Baptist Church of Boerne

S. School St. (IH-10 exit 540 go thru light make 1st right onto  S. School ; 1block on right)

Boerne, Tx 78259

November 15 Thursday

2:30-3:00 pm


Viva Bookstore  (book signing)

8407 Broadway (Viva Galleria)

San Antonio, Tx 79209

November 16 Friday

4-5 pm


St David’s Episcopal (Sunday School presentation / Book Signing)

301 E. 8th Street

Holy Grounds Café

Holy Grounds Cafe at St. David’s Episcopal Church Austin, Texas.
The greatest time is chatting with tween’s and their parents!

Book Give-a-Way ! Played a guessing game. What is the tallest California Redwood to-date (2006)? Jack guessed within 5 ft.

of 371.9 feet! Way to go Jack!

Presentation time for 8-12 yr St. David’s tweens! “What is infrasound? How does an elephant use it? God uses all sorts of body parts of each animal to help it survive” We had a fun interactive look into one of the 52 devotionals! Thank you St. David’s tweens!


It was an awesome time visiting with several children. Enjoyed each conversation- always do with tweens and their parents! We are grateful to Hastings and their wonderful hospitality! Thank you Stevie for a super event!



Sunday from 1-3 pm was one of the more exciting moments of this book’s life. Being at BN and meeting so many folks and their tween’s was a dream to come true! I could not have done a bit of it without Thomas, my husband. He is always my hands and feet when I do signings. I loved meeting the Community Relations gal, Caren Creech Berlanga! Thank you Caren for making us feel so welcome and accommodating all our needs and more!  I so enjoyed meeting and signing with four other authors! Here are a few photos:




 THE FELLOWSHIP OF SAN ANTONIO- STONE OAK   February 18, 2013   Celebration of our churches 10th anniversary~ February 17, 2013

My church is the Fellowship of San Antonio. This church is a picture of the hands and feet and voice and ears and heart and actions of JESUS. Our Pastor, Ron Hill, is a true shepherd to us. Each year FOSA takes month of February and each Sunday one of many facets of the church is celebrated in Jesus. Today was the gifts and talents Christ has blessed our FOSA community with. We sat up tables in the gym and we all mingled about the tables marveling at books/artwork of many sorts/music media and just plain sweet fellowship.  For me I was so excited as I shared about the book to many new and old friends and…..TWEENS!! So many came and purchased the book….the devotional for their tween. It WAS SUCH A BLESSING for me to donate 50% of any funds to our awesome womans’ ministry: WINGS. Everytime I get to do a signing- I get to see tweens and tell them once again that my book is from Jesus heart and mind and the book points to Christ.




The Twig Bookstore- 200 E. Grayson, San Antonio  March 9, 2013

The Twig is awesome! Thank you Claudia for the opportunity to share my book with more tween’s and their families Thank you Florence for your warm hospitality!!  It felt so good be amongst the folks that come to The Twig. Many travelers because of their location downtown! I shared with couples/families from Boston, Taos, Canada and areas all around Texas!  To share this book with tweens and their loved ones is the best thing to me. Thank you Lord Jesus for every single opportunity to share what You gave to me to give to 8-12 yrs.






SWEET CECE’S YOGURT SHOP- 1150 N. Loop 1604 W  suite 140 San Antonio

Thank you to Shawn Johnson- owner of this adorable shop! She has one of the biggest hearts! Your hospitality was precious to me, Shawn! Thank you for helping me and giving me such help with my table. I hope all summer long the kids come pouring into Sweet CeCe’s to taste some of the best in the city!

My Grandkids!! Heidi, my daughter came to help me set up my table and books- Kalean, my grandson was a big help to his mom. Claire was my cheerleader! Thank you guys for all your help always- missed my Honey, but he was recouping from recent medical procedure.

Danielle and her God-parents

came to signing just to get the

book and meet me! They had

heard about it! Thank you guys

Danielle loves animals and the

Lord Jesus!!


Barnes and Noble- La Frontera Shopping  Round Rock

Thank you Frank- God placed Frank, Barnes and Noble Round Rock (La Frontera) in our path in a most blessed manager! He was a super host and had us sitting right up at the front door of BN! I got to greet so many kids and families which in turn we got to then talk about the book and the Lord! So many kids and met a few that I am praying very much for with health concerns.Frank has kept all the copies that he ordered from my publisher and they are all available at BN now!  Check the shelf in kids dept under Religion and you will find Give Me Five for Fangs, Feathers, and Faith! A Devotional for Tweenagers.









Despite the rain and the lightening- many folks came by and it was wonderful to chat- so many loving Joyce’s yummy shop; Frosted Delights by Joyce 926 South Alamo. But my highlight was meeting Autumn and Elora and their precious loving Grandma, Ellie! She had dropped by the shoppe earlier in the week and seen my poster for book signing. She brought her Autumn and Elora just to see me! She said Autumn wanted to meet a real author. She and Elora love animals and science and they were such a delight to chat and share with! I received a most precious Mother’s Day gift; as you can see the card Elora wrote to me; a perfect stranger, yet her heart wrote what was in it- love! Thank you Ellie for taking all that time to come and bring your grands. you are so busy and were last night. And thank you Autumn and Elora for your sweet sweet smiles and JOY filled hearts.  Read, read and read all about how much Jesus loves you and wants you forever to be His child and forever Friend. Let me know on the website how you enjoy the book!







A big thank you to Joseph, the manager of ORANGE LEAF YOGURT on Huebner in Huebner Commons and once again thank you immensely to Gene Garcia owner of many OL!!! We had another most delightful experience with so many tweenagers and their parents and also parents and grandparents traveling!!! I thank God every single time I can share Give Me Five for Fangs, Feathers, and Faith! A Devotional for Tweenagers! Every young person is another opportunity to let them know how they can have a personal relationship with the God who created all the animals, nature, science! = The photos are: Riley who loves Giraffes and her mommy loves elephants.  The other two: a neighbor whom use t be my daughter’s friend in middle school! Heather is now a young mom with Noah and Holden; her boys. We had a great reunion catching up! I can never thank the Lord enough being a part of His work on earth!!

JULY 4TH 2013  – Party at Danielle and Scott Pasatieri’s home!

Thank you both for having me to your annual 4th of July celebration ! It was an my pleasure to share the book that Jesus’ Spirit wrote through me! The children were so curious and adored answering questions. God surely received the glory and honor and praise. His creation whispers His name in all of nature! I think the children learned many things that night but that was big one!


-September 27-  ORANGE LEAF YOGURT-  8535 Blanco Road San Antonio

Friday    September 27 2013      4-6 pm

-October 5-  ORANGE LEAF YOGURT-    ( The Rim Shopping Center)
6028 Worth  Suite 105
Book Signing!                          Saturday   October 5
3-5 pm

-NOVEMBER 14- THE BLANCO CROSSINGS SHOPPING CENTER (partnering with The Mailing Spot/Victory Martial Arts/ Pet Adventures/The Yogurt Zone
Book Signing!                            Thursday    November 14


APRIL 13TH PALM SUNDAY- Schokolade Chocolate Factory!

1203 N. Loop 1604  suite 117
The Vineyard Shopping
San Antonio, Tx  78258

DATE:  APRIL 13, Palm Sunday

TIME:  3-5 pm


255 E. Basse Rd.  Suite 920    78209

TIME:  2-4 PM

June 6, 2014 -ORANGE CUP YOGURT -A wonderful book event! Never been to a large mall with the book. It was extremely got that day! The event went very well. Met many people who were genuinely interested in the book. Mr. Donnie Guill was a terrific host!!  Looking forward to another event at his Stone Oak location.





Ms. Orange Cup and me! It was extremely HOT and this young lady was a trooper!

Ms. Orange Cup and me! It was extremely HOT and this young lady was a trooper!

THE TWIG BOOK STORE – March 19, 2016

306 Pearl Parkway, Ste. 106
San Antonio, TX 78215

Saturday:    11:00-1:00

The Twig Book Store

This was my last book signing in Texas. We moved just 6 months later to Lincoln, CA. Under the Menu of Events click on Up Coming Book Signings!