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What pastors, educators and psychologists are saying about “Fangs, Feathers, & Faith! A Devotional for Nature Lovers 8 and up” 

“Fangs, Feathers, and Faith!: A Devotional for Nature Lovers 8 and up”, is a wonderful, inspirational, and educational book for children. I love the approach using animals, the internet, the library, and scripture. I cannot think of a better book for capturing the imagination and growing spirit of a child. Every home should have this book!–Ron Hill, senior pastor,The Fellowship of San Antonio, TX

“Discover God’s creation in a fun and organized manner! You and your children will enjoy reading and re-reading, learning and re-learning about “God’s critters in  Fangs, Feathers, & Faith! : A Devotional for Nature Lovers 8 and up” This book can be easily used in a student’s home-school curriculum.”–Rich Ronald, Oak Hill’s satellite campus minister,
San Antonio, TX.

“What do an elephant’s high-tech ears have in common with how God created us to listen to Him? Fangs, Feathers, & Faith!: A Devotional for Nature Lovers 8 and up”, helps children “connect the dots” so they not only learn about God’s amazing variety in His creation but how He has uniquely created them for a purpose beyond themselves. Creative, scripture-based, and purposeful, Fangs, Feathers, & Faith captures a child’s heart to love God, talk to God, and care for others.”

–Candace Staggs,

“The fascinating critter stories in “Fangs, Feathers, & Faith! : A Devotional for Nature Lovers 8 and up, are a vehicle helping your child discern for themselves the greater love story of God.”

–Gloria Smith,
adults and children LPC, LMFT, MA

“Fangs, Feather, & Faith! is not only a delightful read but engages tween’s (8-12 year olds) through interactive exciting topics that will bring them closer to God and generate memories you can cherish for a lifetime. As an educator, I am extremely impressed with the authentic learning experiences that will take place while focusing on His word. What a wonderful way to write the Word of God on children’s hearts.”

–Marci Powell,
Polycom Global Director for Education