Week 30

High-Tech Ears (page 134)

Sounds… we hear them wherever we go. Or do we? We hear a sound

because something or someone makes a sound. But wait, is that the way

it goes? Next time you are at the zoo, check out the elephants. These big

guys look chilled out and silent. In fact you might get bored watching

these quiet giants. But you will be surprised to know they have a secret!

God has given elephants (and many other animals) ears that hear

sounds which we cannot. Infrasound is a low-pitched sound on the range

or spectrum of sounds which some animals can hear and use to their

benefit. The elephants’ high-tech ears can hear this sound. The next time

you visit the zoo you might be able to see an elephant “doing” infrasound.

The place between its eyes will flutter or throb. Infrasound is a

low, weird throbbing in the air around you, more like a feeling than a

sound; you might call them vibes. This mysterious sound or vibration

travels through the elephants’ sinus cavity.

Elephants will choose to use infrasound when they are trying to tell

one another something. In the wild, these huge mammals hang out in

groups in the forests of Asia and the grasslands of Africa. Because the

bulls (males) and cows (females) live separately and, many times, far

away from one another, they use this infrasound to find one another so

they can mate. They also use this quiet sound to pass life-saving messages

from group to group. If a watering hole has dried up, a group of elephants

will send a message such as, “Don’t waste your energy coming here!”

Or sometimes lightning will cause their food supply to be scorched and

gone, so the same message will be sent letting their families know to go

to another food source. The infrasound waves travel through the ground

or low to the ground for several miles.

Like email, phone, or text, the elephants can stay connected. If the

wind is blowing in the wrong direction, they will not be able to pick up

the scent, so they just turn up their high-tech ears to listen for infrasound.

The Lord’s creation is so full of exciting works, but we have to

look for them to appreciate each.

What about You?

Most of the time infrasound travels through the ground and, without

fading away, takes the elephants’ messages many miles until they

reach the ears of their families. The sound is strong and understandable,

though it is silent.

Did you know you can talk aloud or silently to Jesus anytime, anyplace,

and He will hear? But just like the elephant’s secret language, you

have to have the ears of your heart ready to hear the Lord. When you

invite Jesus Christ into your heart, the Holy Spirit gives you those ears

to hear for the rest of your life. Then you need to listen with your heart

as you read, pray, and think about what you have read in your Bible

and devotional. Find today’s scripture verses in your Bible and underline



My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they

follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never

die and no one can steal them out of my hand.

John 10: 27–28 NCV

Day 2: Check It Out

Asking your parents’ permission, visit the library or go online to find

other critters that use infrasound. What about the animals that use ultrasound

giving them high-tech ears into their environments. What did you

find out? Journal in the box below.


Day 3: Check Within

To listen with high-tech ears, the elephant needs to quiet itself. What

does the Bible say about listening? Read Luke 10:38–42. Jesus loved both

Martha and Mary. But what did Mary do that Jesus said was the “better

thing and it will never be taken from her”? What does it mean to “sit at

Jesus feet and listen”? Journal in box below.


 Day 4: Check Around

These days, kids plug iPods or cell phones into their ears almost

twenty-four-seven. Keeping your ears unplugged now and then allows

your ears to hear what is going on around you. Plugging yourself into

some quiet time with your devotional and Bible will help you be aware of

God’s plans for you and your heart will hear God speak to it. How can

you get your buddies to unplug once and a while so they can listen to

what God wants to tell them? Journal in box below.


Day 5: Check with the Lord

Read Psalm 27:14, and then pray this prayer:

Dear Lord, thank You for giving me a new start to my day, my attitude,

my choices, and my desire to please You. Just knowing that You

want me to sit and be with You make these few minutes with You worthwhile!

Lord, help me with all I need to do today. I need You to keep

watch over my thinking and my words! Teach me how to turn off the

wrong things in my daily life, like Martha needed to learn. I want to

listen for You as You speak to my heart. Teach me to have high-tech ears

inside my heart to listen for Your voice. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen