Week 8

Where Eagles Soar 

On the coast of Norway, in the little town of Bodo (Boo-duh), the winters

bring stinging winds that keep the waves crashing on the shore. Bodo is

known as the sea eagle capital1. High in the sky over the streets of Bodo,

soar the fourth largest eagles in the world2. Sometimes called the “flying

barn door,” (because their wings are as wide as barn doors), the sea eagle or

the white-tailed eagle, makes its nests high on the jagged cliffs that surround

Bodo3. No other town on God’s green earth has as many sea eagles4.


The sea eagle thinks nothing of the winds and storms that pound

Norway in the winter because God created this raptor with all it needs

to survive. Long before the storm hits, the eagle will stretch its mighty

eight-foot (2.4 m) wings and wing its way up to the lofty cliffs and wait5.

Why? Why would it not find shelter like the other birds? Other birds

hide amongst the bushes in flocks for protection from the coming storm.


What makes an eagle so successful? Unlike other birds, eagles spread

their long wings straight out while the winds carry them higher and higher.

This monster of a bird of prey is waiting for just the right moment

to rise above the storm as it approaches. No other bird goes to such heights

as eagles do. As the sea eagle soars above the crazy and wild winds, he

locks his wings in a fixed position, keeping them very strong as the angry

storm goes on down below6. Can you imagine flying over a storm? What

a view that must be! What do you think the eagle sees at those times? What

would he say if he could talk?


How about You?


When things get scary or problems seem to get worse, do you hide, run, try

to ignore the problem, or get mad? If you choose to ignore your problems,

then you will miss the reason God may have allowed those problems or fears.

He wants you to run to Him for help and answers. Remember how He

helped you before (which is your faith) and so you can trust God again.

Then you will come to find that He is the Rock who will protect you.


It is really hard to wait on the Lord and to not act out quickly just because you

are uncomfortable. If you are scared or uncomfortable today, ask Him to

show you what to do. He will hear and help because He loves you so very

much. When you ask, be sure to look for how God will help you. Find

today’s scripture verse in your Bible and underline it.


“The people who trust in the Lord will become strong again. They will rise

up as an eagle in the sky; they will run and not need rest; they will walk and

not become tired.” Isaiah 40:31 NCV



Day 2: Check It Out

Birds of prey or raptors are very different than other birds. With your

parents’ permission, visit the library, or go online to find out how they are

different than other birds. If you can visit your zoo, bring your camera

and take some pictures of birds of prey and other birds. Look at how they

are different. Hint: It is something about the feet, beak, eyes, and a few

other parts of the bird. What did you find out? Journal below in box.


Day 3: Check Within

The eagle climbs above the storm. It does not fight against or become part

of the storm. Instead it uses the tools God gave it (wings and strength) to

stay above the storm. Read Matthew 14:25–31. Peter began to trust as he

walked out on the water, but what happened? What did he begin to do that

caused him to sink? What have you doubted God about lately? Journal below in the box.


Day 4: Check Around

Like the eagle that did not get in the storm but stayed above it, you can stop

doubting and trust Jesus with the storms of your everyday life. Trusting

means that, though you do not see any answers, faith in Jesus’s promises

gives your mind, body, and spirit, strength. What friend or family member

needs to be encouraged with the promise of Isaiah 40:31? Journal below in the box.


Day 5: Check with the Lord

Read Psalm 18:16–18 then pray this prayer:


God, thank you for being with me no matter where I go, whether

it’s to school, to play outside, to hang out with friends, or home. The

story of the eagle soaring above the storm helps when I start to doubt or

get afraid. I want to learn to trust you in the hard things that bother me

instead of worry. Instead of being afraid I will remember I left my worries

with you! In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen