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“Fangs, Feathers, & Faith! A Devotional for Nature Lovers 8+”

(2017 the book was revised from “Give Me Five for Fangs, Feathers and Faith! A Devotional for Tweenagers” with new/shorter title and wider range of audience)

  VICTORIA’S Magazine Publications

Cadet Quest   (formerly Crusader)

“The Night Hunter” (3/2000)

“Bats…You’ve got to love them!”  (02/02)

“Aphid Lions on the Loose” (04/02)

“The Bald and the Beautiful” (01/06)

Dirt Buddies” (04/09)

“Spider Silk- God’s Protection” (04/13)

“Echolocation” (03/14)

“Cells: Microscopic Wonders” (12/14)

“The Marianna Trench’s Challenger Deep” (03/15)

“Twinkle, Twinkle…The Sun Our Closest Star” (04/15)

“Loggerheads- Florida’s Most Common Sea Turtle” (01/16)

“Helping Hands, Thankful Hearts” (11/16)  

“Tireless Tenacious Traveler” (12/17)

Black Holes: The Hungriest Places in Space!   3/20

Wild Outdoor World (out of print)

“House of Shell” (05/98)

High-Tech Ears” (09/99)

Nature Friend

“The Giraffe…A First Place Winner” (12/96)

“A Tiny But Mighty Hunter” (10/06)

Clubhouse Jr.

“A View of the Zoo” (08/96)

 Guideposts for Kids

“Camel Cruising” (11/95)

The Seed of Truth

  “A Tiny But Mighty Hunter” (10/08)

 Christian Aid Ministries (Berlin, OH):

Translated and printed one of my articles in their monthly publication. My  article, A Tiny But Mighty Hunter, was translated  into the 1,200 copies in Romanian, 7,900 in Haitian, and 15,400 copies in Russian, all of which have been distributed in said countries in October 2008. They also printed 8,000 English copies.

Newsletter Articles

San Antonio Zoo, Volunteer Newsletter:

” A Docent is a Docent is a Docent”

“The American Kestrel” (summer 2001)

Oak Hills Church, The Crossings Newspaper:  San Antonio, TX.   

Max Lucado (pastor)   (07/04)


“Faith It…inch by inch- Will You take Jesus into your Summer?”      

“God’s Amazing Critters- The Camel”

“Faith It…Inch by Inch- Will You believe Jesus for Who He says He is?’

“God’s Amazing Critters- Bats!”

Texas Pet Guide

“Best Buddies” (02/96)

“Sia-Mews: The Temple Cat” (05/96)

Kerley’s Quips (newsletter) (Oroville, CA)

“What’s In Your Suitcase” (03/99)

“Transcontinental Telephone” (05/99)



SIRS Discoverer is an interactive reference tool for young readers designed to develop research, reading, writing, and computer skills.

My article: “House of Shell” from magazine:  Wild Outdoor World, (May/June 98) was selected for this application.


Institute of Children’s Literature

Core: Writing for Children and Teens” (92-94)

Graduate: Beyond the Basics (95-98)

San Antonio Zoo (92-02)

Children’s Education Department

Docent Membership Chairman

California State  University Fresno (70-72)

Major: Early Childhood Education

Minor: Child Psychology

Diablo Valley JC  (68-70)

Freelance Writing Awards

Pacific Northwest Writers Conference

Literary Award:      Juvenile Article or Short Story   4th place  “Pet Sitter Extraordinaire”  summer ’95